More Weird Things Norwegians Do

A Frog in the Fjord

Three years ago I wrote a blog post entitled «Weird Things Norwegians Do«, where I described 15 strange things I had noticed here. Now that I have been here a little longer, a few things have been added to the list. As before, «weird» does not necessarily mean «negative». Some of these awkwardness should be adopted elsewhere in this world (but not the grilldress, hopefully).

1. The Norwegian definition of «intimacy» is different than from the rest of the world. In Norway it is not considered intimate to sleep with someone for one night while both persons are drunk. However, to drink a cup of coffee together 3 days later in broad daylight is considered like a much bigger step in a relationship and in intimacy between two persons. Another step at the level of intimacy just before marriage is to go to IKEA together. So in Norway…

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